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Working papers

  • van der Wardt, M., Sobolewska, M., Van Hauwaert, S. M. and English, P., Dancing to the heartbeat of the anti-immigration opinions? How Western European political parties respond to public preferences on immigration.
  • Sobolewska, M., van der Wardt, M., Van Hauwaert, S. M. and Chalmers, A., Becoming critical actors or hunkering down? How are immigrant-origin politicians responding to the raising anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe?
  • Tapia Velázquez, A. Y. and Van Hauwaert, S. M., Citizens, mechanics and environmental responsiveness: understanding public opinion towards gender roles across Europe.
  • Van Hauwaert, S. M. and Wlezien, C., What moves mood? The structures and dynamics of parallel and non-parallel preference models.
  • Van Hauwaert, S. M. and Jennings, W., Immigration as a thermostat? The interaction between immigration opinions and policy across 17 European countries.
  • Romero, X. and Van Hauwaert, S. M., Unequal (public) responses to inequality. The structure and origins of redistributive preferences across Western democracies
  • Romero, X. and Van Hauwaert, S. M., Economic inequality and (un)equal policy responsiveness.
  • Van Hauwaert, S. M., Immigration opinions and the mechanisms at their origins: How European citizens respond to their environments.
  • Van Hauwaert, S. M., Introducing the GPOP data set: Public opinions in a comparative perspective.
  • Van Hauwaert, S. M. and Cinalli, M., Democratic circuits and responsiveness: A systematic approach to the interplay between citizens, policy and the public sphere.