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Pubic sentiment is everything. […] Whoever can change public opinion can change the government. […] It is public opinion that settles every question here.Abraham Lincoln (1858)

The Global Public Opinions Project (GPOP) is a cooperative international research effort that seeks to advance the knowledge and measurement of public opinion across the world. It proposes a unique and nuanced interpretation of public opinion amenable to the analysis of its different dimensions and forms, both between countries and through time.

GPOP data sets are the products of a large-scale data collection effort that harmonises individual-level data from hundreds of surveys into aggregated public opinion measures. The project currently includes raw data in the form of repeated survey marginals (input), as well as various annual public opinion estimates (output).

This website provides a more detailed overview of the project’s scope, analytical approach and ambitions (about). It further allows visitors to visualise and download customised portions of the project’s data sets, as well as access some of its output materials. For the moment, the available data remains limited to public opinion towards immigration in 17 European democracies.

The project is not entirely tailored towards academia, but also seeks a broader societal impact and application. By means of a close collaboration with the data sharing and publishing platform OpenDataSoft, the project provides a unique tool to visualise and disseminate pre-set portions of the data sets that can subsequently be devoted to scientific or popular use.

Recent news and events

September 1, 2018

APSA Annual Meeting, Boston

Presentation: “The Catalan “National Mood”: Changes in Public Preferences on Decentralization”

(Xavier Romero Vidal)

August 25, 2018

ECPR General Conference, Hamburg

Presentation: “Immigration as a thermostat? The interaction between immigration opinions and policy across 17 European countries”

(Steven M. Van Hauwaert)